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We believe that children learn in their unique style. young minds have infinite capacity to understand graps and master various skill. hence we ensure that during the crucial years of children dovelopment, they are provided with practice based training under the guidence of experts. Testing SCHOOL aims to import student with knowledge, descipline, confidence, excellence and sense of responsibility.

our curriculum constitutes diverse activities resulting in a well balanced program emcompassing all the three dimensions of education.

-The academic

-The curricular activities

-And the sports

Undoubtedly Testing SCHOOL will grow up to become inspiring individuals. our family, village, the nation and world would be proud of.


HVM Degree College Raisi will groom its students to be sensitive and confident individuals, empowered with the knowledge, creativity and ability to innovate.

We as theHVM Degree College Raisi have widespread interest in the sphere of quality education with a commitment to excellence. We aim at promoting the total development of the student, with respect to them-


We are committed to provide educational excellence for all.

It is our endeavour to mould our students to be progressive, professionally successful and compassionate human beings, preparing them at the same time for active and independent learning in an environment which fosters a spirit of enquiring and keen competition. The purpose, the aim and philosophy of our school is to equip the child with the excellent technological proficiency so that the students may function with clarity and efficiency aligning themselves with shifts in the global environment. mps is a place where exploration, creativity and imagination make learning exciting and where all learners aspire to reach their dreams. The appreciation of our core values lies in the fact that here, we strive to awaken the intelligence and generosity of spirit among students so that they are able to meet an increasingly complex world without losing their humanity. The cultivation of concern for mankind are all parts of our education aims.

'Keep your dreams alive. Remember all things are possible for those who believe'. - Hail Devers

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