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In their horizontal expansiveness, our facilities are enviable. In addition to classrooms, science and computer laboratories, and administrative offices, a weight room, a library.Our teachers are talented and dedicated. More than twenty of them have doctorates and hold master’s degrees from selective colleges and universities around the world. Recruited for their outstanding academic achievements and their commitment to Harsh Vidhya Mandir’s core educational values, teachers are encouraged to select, expand on, modify, and even invent their curricula, fostering an unparalleled sense of ownership and creativity in the college.

This creativity is supported by a unique and well-known program of faculty development and enrichment goals.
Harsh Vidya Mandir Degree College, Raisi was founded when there is no degree college in our areas

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Dr. K.P. Singh

Dear friends, Greetings. Many thanks for your interest in Harsh Vidya Mandir Group Of Colleges.

Dear students, "You are the nation-builders. You are the movers of technology. You are the agents of change." The knowledge that you will gain, the fine qualities that you will imbibe and the technical skills that you will learn to apply will be your major contribution to your parents, to society, and to the nation.

We invest our trust on you. You are our safe source and we bank all our efforts on you. We create not the future instead we craft you for th...

Prof. B.P. Singh

Modern age is the age of technology, and I am glad to inform you that Harsh Vidya Mandir College Raisi Haridwar adopt technology for curriculum activity. Our innovative and cross disciplinary teaching-learning process aim to inculcate amongst our student an inherent sense of responsibility...

Dr. R. C. Paliwal
Harsh Vidya Madir College represents a family with a mission to serve the society with spirit of equity, equality and democratic ethos. The family fully incorporating this spirit is fully dedicated towards each and every learner coming from different sections of the society. The college family is equally respon...


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